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  • Holidays qualifying for SED

    Does anyone know the rules regarding how many (if any) days spent abroad on holiday can be counted toward claiming tax back?
    I can't find any mention of it on the HMRC website but I imagine there must be some kind of limit.
    Also, I have been looking into doing bits and pieces of work ashore during leave. Can I claim the tax back on this money or is it only money earned at sea that qualifies for SED?


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    I've used a lot (as in a few months' worth in a year) of out-of-the-country-but-not-on-ship time towards successful SED claims.

    If you work ashore and earn less than your tax free allowance (dictated by your tax code) then those earnings will be tax free. If tax is deducted through the PAYE system you can claim it back in your tax return, or if it's from self employment you'll have to declare it but it won't be taxed. If you earn over your tax free allowance then you'll need to pay.
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      Essentially if you sailed for 1 day on a foreign going vessel and then took 182 days holiday, you,are eligible. Although i suspect if the IR thought you were being fraudulent then it would be up to a court to decide. I suspect that the holiday day used towards a claim should not exceed the shipboard days.