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Same ship for whole cadetship

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  • Same ship for whole cadetship

    Phase 3 is drawing to an end and I will be heading to sea some time after the 17th of this month. I met with my training officer today and have requested that I be put on a different ship to the one I was on in phase 2. While being put on the same ship again would not be a disaster I would quite like to get some different experience, more experience of colregs and see some more of the world.

    Has anyone spent their whole cadetship on one ship? I met one guy on my last vessel who had.


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    My understanding is Odfjell cadets, of which I am one, are likely to serve their cadetship on one or two vessels. At least it saves on finding all the information out about each vessel or completing two lots of ship familiarity... The 3rd Officer on my vessel did his cadetship on it, so it's not all bad.


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      Not to mention as the officers and crew get to know you more, their more likely to trust you to do interesting stuff.


      • #4 going on 2 ships n more also open ur eye to diff nav system