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    Just wondering how much of the light grey boxes did people manage to get signed off in their TRB on the first trip. I'm in a rather buoyant mood today, three weeks in and I have roughly twenty signatures in my book (mostly maintenance) applying the making progress as going from crap to less crap (joking, had to show I knew what I was talking about, steps, relevant parts of the SMM etc.). However, I'm on-board for another three months and there still seems like an awful lot expected to be completed (especially on the bridge where I spend a limited amount of time), can those who qualified give me a rough idea how their TRB looked at the end of their first sea phase. Just as a general guideline more than anything.

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    This varies so much. Some people come back with half of their book done, some come back with twenty signatures. Don't worry too much about they grey boxes. I've got an older one which doesn't have them, but from looking through them I'm not sure that the person who decided which boxes would be grey has ever been a cadet.

    Keep working on your maintenance and safety tasks, and try to get up to the bridge in your off hours (if you're keen) to get simple things out of the way like steering, lookout (and the rest of that section), some rules and compass errors.
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      Best not to set a target. Work with what you got. If something interesting happens observe and get involved. Pop up to bridge in your off time talk to the officers ask them to explain things ask to have a shot. Every couple of days have a look over your TRB see if anything you have done fits in and get it signed.

      Setting a target so early on will leave you feeling disappointed if you don't make it or leave you being lazy/over confident if you meet it early.


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        Aye the TRB is a bit daunting when you first get it and think there is no way you will be able to get all those boxes signed. In reality thought, its actually not that bad. A year is a long time.


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          Good advice, I'm more worried that I'll have it hanging over me in phase three if I don't get a lot of it signed off. With that said, I'm expecting to be on deck most/all of this phase with the exception that I should get my lookout stuff done in the Gulf of Aden when we lock down the vessel and I'm doing a little on the bridge every evening. I may ask to shadow the officers during their deck hours before my phase is done and ask to be more involved in the safety drills (as a cadet I am assist as required... which is basically not a lot during a drill!). However being left a little frustrated at times as I'm volunteering to observe/assist in tasks like yesterdays emergency steering drill, only to not be told when it's happening. Not sure if its just ambivalence, or they genuinely forgot to tell me.


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            I got 15% done in my first sea phase (4 months on a not very training friendly cruise ship) and 85% done in my 2nd sea phase (5 months and 4 different ships).

            So i wouldnt worry to much about the signature count from the 1st trip. I certainly learnt a lot on the 1st ship but they just didnt like signing things.
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