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    Well after what seems like forever the time has come to book and sit the dreaded orals.

    I've just started my oral prep and I'm giving myself 3 weeks of pretty much constant study before I sit.

    Does anyone have any pointers that may help? How long did you study for before you sat your oral?

    If anyone has done one recently at tyne dock current trends in questioning would be very helpful

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    Not an engineer, but just wanted to wish you good luck. Once generic piece of advice, don't forget to look at the Syllabus on the MCA website and the past orals papers in shields.


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      Know how to launch a life boat. Know about fire fighting equipment.

      Other than that much of it is down to what you have picked up along the way as a cadet.

      As above, check out the past orals questions which should hopefully be available from your college, especially the more recent ones and don't forget to submit yours to the college to help others along as well.

      While 3 weeks of solid study is good, take breaks, 3 weeks of 8 hours per day of study is very likely to turn your brain to mush before the orals, if it starts to feel like your head is going to explode then go and do something else for half an hour.

      Good luck.
      Go out, do stuff


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        1) Break your revision up into chunks with small breaks in between, 10 minutes for a cuppa and a walk around.

        2) If you find yourself not concentrating, stop, do something different and come back to it, even if it is not time for a break.

        3) Instead of spending 4 hours on 1 topic spend 4 hours on 4 different topics or 2 hours on 2 topics.

        4) Don't listen to music or have the telly on in the background, you will find yourself distracted and as we use different parts of the brain to process aural and visual stimuli you can find yourself focusing on the wrong thing.

        5) Turn your mobile off. You can deal with messages and calls in your breaks. It is a bad time management tool.

        6) Find out which part of the day you are at your best and revise around that time.

        7) Forget going for a beer and a heavy meal and think you will be able to do a couple of extra hours. It will not work!

        8) Make a revision timetable and STICK TO IT!

        9) Tell people what you are doing and ask them to leave you alone. If they are your mates they understand and will leave you alone, if they are not they will disturb you - tell 'em to "bugger off" if they do.

        10) DO NOT try to cram the night before or get up early on the morning of the orals, you will just fluster yourself and tire your brain out. Instead reward yourself the night before with a nice meal and a glass of wine to relax you (NOTE: I did not say a bottle!), go to bed and read something silly or a trashy novel. You won't sleep but at least your brain will not be swimming.

        11) Attend every orals revision session or set up an orals revision group that gets together every evening for 2 hours and practices. This is extra to your revision timetable.

        12) Don't cut your fingernails - you will chew them to the bone anyway!

        Good luck

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          Does MGN 69 have EOOW syllabus for orals or just deck?


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            Originally posted by Hatchorder View Post

            4) Don't listen to music or have the telly on in the background, you will find yourself distracted and as we use different parts of the brain to process aural and visual stimuli you can find yourself focusing on the wrong thing.
            This is not necessarily accurate, but it's certainly true that not everyone studies better with music, and music with vocals is almost always detrimental to study as you unconsciously try to listen to the lyrics; loud music has also been shown to consistently reduce concentration. Instrumental jazz and classical music are the most commonly beneficial types of music, as long as they're not too loud. Also, be nice to your room mates, they might not like having music in the backround


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              Originally posted by Lewis View Post
              Does MGN 69 have EOOW syllabus for orals or just deck?
              Yup it has both.

              Took my orals about a month ago - thankfully I was fortunate to be in a house share where all the other guys were prepping for their orals at the same time. I found questioning each other every time we saw each other worked really well, we could identify each others strong and weak points and work on them. Another bonus of this technique is that the examiner may ask you questions on 2-stokes, of which you may have never sailed on, so its a good forum to share some experiences and/or knowledge. Get some one-to-ones with tutors and lecturers too.

              Good luck !


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                I'm with the weasel on the music, instrumental music has always helped me to study, but as soon as you add vocals it becomes a distraction.
                Go out, do stuff


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                  Tried to listen to some Miles Davis in the library today but ended up playing air trumpet - back to some Ibiza annuals :/


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                    and thanks for all the well wishes- I'll post up my questions when I sit for the benefit of others in this position


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                      Passed my orals yesterday:

                      Heres the questions I got

                      Examiner : Mr Groark

                      Duration: 1hr 10mins

                      1. Difference between 2 stroke & 4 stroke. Draw them

                      2. How is the exhaust valve actuated in a 2 stroke

                      3. How do you get air into the engine (2 stroke & 4 Stroke)

                      4. Purpose of an air cooler 5. Auxy blowers, what are they?

                      6. Problems associated with scavenge space ; ( I mentioned dew point and scav fires)

                      7. Procedure for dealing with a scavenge fire

                      8. Take an engine room round at 9PM

                      9. Smoke & sparks from the funnel, what would you suspect and what are your actions?

                      Got a grilling here: Went all around the houses, talking about the soot burnt off in the economiser, high exhaust temps, no water in the economiser giving high temps, hydrogen fires, where all he wanted was me to say a fire in the uptakes. Confused construction of an Exhaust Gas Boiler with an Economiser and he latched onto this

                      10. How would you deal with an uptake fire

                      11. What is high exhaust gas temperature indicative of

                      12. Temperatures of exhaust

                      13. How does the jacket water header tank link into its system

                      14. What is its purpose

                      15. Draw HT/LT system and explain how it works

                      16. How is the HT water cooled

                      17. If the HT temp rises what would happen

                      18. What would your actions be?

                      19. What would suspect if the temps were rising

                      20. Checks on a purifier while running

                      21. Where would oil in the air bottle come from

                      22. Procedure for overhauling an air compressor

                      23. LO spraying from fractured pipe onto generator, what would your actions be?

                      Grilled me on this one too, I said call the chief, take that generator off the board and run up another; he said the chiefs old fashioned and doesn’t want to know. He was saying are you the only one in the engine room?I said ask another engineer to help he said no engineers, so I said motorman and he was happy enough with that. (weird) He was wanting me to say get the motorman to hold up something to deflect the lo away from the engine while I was running it down. Give the motorman a fire extinguisher.

                      24. Parralleling generators manually

                      25. How do you remove a generator from the board manually

                      26. What does it mean when the syncroscope is running anticlockwise

                      Too Slow

                      27. How do you rectify this

                      Adjust governer

                      28. How do you load share

                      29. What would happen if you put the incoming generator on the board when they were not in phase

                      30. What trips are on generator circuit breaker

                      31. What is motoring of generators & what would happen if this occurred

                      He wanted overloading of the switchboard here

                      32. How do you overhaul a motor

                      33. What tests would you carry out on the windings?

                      Continutiy & Insulation Test

                      He drew a junction box of a motor with the terminals and gave me two pens and asked me to show him

                      34. What else would you check on the motor

                      Bearings & Fan

                      35. How do flash up a boiler manually

                      36. What is purging

                      37. Why could the boiler have gone out on flame failure

                      38. How is the boiler lit

                      39. How does a pilot injector work

                      40. How would you carry out an emergency steering drill

                      41. How do you change over to emergency steering system

                      Got properly stuck here, he was taking about taking out pins and putting them back in other places etc.

                      42. How do you pump bilges

                      43. What regualtions do you have with respect to pumping bilges

                      44. What gets entered into oil record book when pumping bilges

                      45. Where does the OWS take suction from

                      46. What happens if the ppm is over 15 in the discharge

                      47. What type of pump was the OWS pump

                      48. What type of pump was the bilge pump

                      49. What other types of pumps did you have

                      50. Give me examples of usage for each type of pump

                      51. What would happen if you ran a centrifugal pump with the outlet valve closed

                      52. What would happen if you ran a positive displacement pump with the outlet valve closed

                      53. Fire in the laundry , actions

                      54. What type of extinguisher would you use

                      55. What safety checks would you make if you were in the fire party

                      56. How do you check your BA set


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                        Just to let you know I had the same examiner, and had the same questions. I passed aswell.


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                          based on the ETO orals and the above comments, they don't seem to change the questions very much
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                            Though examiners have their "hot topics" and you don't know who you're going to get.
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                              hi to all,
                              where did you take your exam orals then, for Mr Groark he sounds ok examiner