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New rules for Cadets 2010

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  • New rules for Cadets 2010

    As some of you may know there are new rules coming into force on the 1st of july , which states that anyone taking there orals after that date must do the HELM (Human Element, Leadership and Management) Short course.

    Im currently at STC and we were initially meant to take our orals around the july august time , however due to this the college are pushing for us to have sat and passed our orals in may-june.

    Does anyone feel a little rushed , since it nearly may and we still have not received any oral prep yet.

    Secondly how are the other colleges treating these changes.

    Note (this only affects FD cadets as the old rules assumed the course covered management)
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    At WMA all of us from the Sept 2010 intake have done HELM(O). (That's HND, FD will be doing over next few weeks despite orals being before July).
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      Never heard of this , is it just for cadets gaining their CoC now or will all Officers require it ?


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        MIN 455 issued on the 8th April 2013

        If you are revalidating your CoC using sea service or time spent in an acceptable
        occupation you will not be required to undertake additional HELM training. You are
        considered to have gained sufficient knowledge, understanding and proficiency in HELM
        and bridge/engine room resource management. This will not alter after the
        31 December 2016.


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          but when you got for your Chief Mates bobofinga you'll have to the HELM then.


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            I was always mildly surprised that as officers, we never received any formal leadership training. It's nice that we do now.
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              My oral prep starts on monday. Just got an email saying my noe has been dispatched so can hopefully get my oral date soonish.

              I would say the whole of phase 5 has been rushed but that just seems to be the STC way.
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                Does this affect the Pd up north we all ready do courses in leadership and management?


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                  Apparently doing my orals at the end of June (don't have an exact date yet) but there has been no mention of this whatsoever by my college. Cutting it a bit fine for us to miss it... Seems somewhat bizzare to introduce another management related course when I did about 7 hours a week of this sort of nonsense for about 8 months in phase 3 which has yet to be of any use.


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                    Reading the M notice it only applies to the "management level" and programmes not following the UK MNTB Officer cadet training. Section 3 of the M notice says the criteria for HELM will be included from July 2013. I think that means that management lessons will have to meet the HELM standards, but it does not mean you need a HELM short course until you go for the mates or second engineers tickets.

                    Thats what I interpret it as. We already do a fair amount of management and leadership at FNC so I can?t imagine we would need to do another short course when its already being taught much more in depth anyway.


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                      Originally posted by jf13th View Post
                      Thats what I interpret it as. We already do a fair amount of management and leadership at FNC so I can?t imagine we would need to do another short course when its already being taught much more in depth anyway.
                      Never stopped them before look at tanker fam everything in it is covered in other courses we do in cadetship. If they can make us do another short course and bill us (or someone else) for it they will.


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                        As has already been stated, if you are following the MNTB course then the HELM element is already deemed by the MCA to be incorporated for OOW level - most colleges will probably also start issuing separate HELM(O) certificates to avoid any issues.
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