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Phase 3 PD Subjects?

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  • Phase 3 PD Subjects?

    Hi all,
    I'm currently waiting to go to sea for the first time. I've not got a joining date yet so I've been trying to fill my time the best way I can.
    Does anyone who has done a diploma course know what subjects are covered in phase 3 at college? Just to get ahead of the game and have a look over what we should be expecting.


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    Do you not have your old joining instructions from phase one lays out the whole course


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      Good shout Lewis! its probably been chucked somewhere in the cupboard, shall dig it out and see if your right. Do you have to learn morse/semiphore at some point. just trying to keep busy its impossible.


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        Applied Met
        Stability 2
        Structures & Maintenance
        Shipmaster's Business
        Marine Emergency Response & Communications
        Management of Vessel Operations
        Passage Planning
        Bridge Management
        Engineering (COGC add on)
        Shipboard Management

        Plus your three PD classes.

        For me, Phase Three is a lot easier than Phase One. The only thing that tested me during Phase 3 was Stability, so make sure you keep up with the basic principles whilst at sea. You might want to learn your flags and morse code, you'll need to know those for MER&C. Take an interest in your 2O passage planning and that's about it really.


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          Cheers for that Polaris! hit the nail on the head with your post. I hear that passage planning is the main focus within phase 3. Hopefully that will help a few of the other lads who might want to look at a few things before we return to college.


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            Yeah Polaris has pretty much covered it there. I wouldn't say passage planning is the main focus though. It is important obviously but I would say the majority of Phase 3 covers lots of managementy type stuff that is largely irrelevant at this stage of your career. But then it is essentially the chief mate syllabus so that's to be expected. It is significantly easier than phase 1 IMO, mainly due to the fact you have more time to do all the subjects and consequently don't have 5 exams in 3 days or anything equally ridiculous like you get in phase 1.