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Transferring to ETO cadetship

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  • Transferring to ETO cadetship

    Hello everyone!

    Ok, well since my employer has now brought in ETO cadetships, I have put myself forward to transfer from ME to ETO and been accepted. Pretty lucky lol.

    I am due to start at Warsash in September and was wondering does anyone know much about their new ETO course? Is anyone on it at the moment? Does anyone know anything about the new ETO CoC?



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    Nice one! All I know is you'll get a lovely greeeeen TRB folder as opposed to the deckies blue or engineers purple. Keep us updated on how it goes!!


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      I believe you'll be the first to take the dedicated ETO course at Warsash.

      Can't tell you much more, hopefully one of the ETO guys from Shields can shed some light on how the course/ticket works.
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        I posted a little on it some time ago. Its a new version of the old hnd course. There doesnt seem to be much engineering theory in it but you still get the class 4 coc based on the sea time mix of tasks.

        Looks like a good course to me. So which sponsors are offering it?
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          I think it is very unclear what Warsash are offering (

          If it is the Fd in marine electrical/electronics then I don't see how you could also cover the mech eng stuff (theory, workshop, enough for orals AND essentially two task books on ship) in the 3 years. (hence you would get the "new" MCA ETO CoC rather than the mechanical one)

          OR as Chris says this could just be the old style ETO course (mech + enem add on) but is now just a foundation degree rather than the HND.

          The info at the link above is pretty confused! Anyone know what they are actually offering?

          If it is the mech with adds on then this would not be a suitable course for those who want to be a "pure" ETO (i.e on cruise, offshore/research type ships) - thats not to say this is not a good or useful course, however, STC and Warsash before this (maybe!) had moved away from this type of ETO training as lots of companies wanted a more electrically based course.


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            If you look at this link:


            It shows a breakdown of the ETO career progression which shows the new MCA reg III/6 ETO operational ticket as the result of the course with progression on to the ETO managerial ticket.

            So I believe the course page is just misleading lol.

            A breakdown of the course modules can also be found that shows they are totally different from the ME course of old, so it is infact a dedicated ETO course, which appeals to me alot more thankfully

            Thanks for the support Size4 =)

            I guess I'm just going to be a guinea pig then, because no one seems to have been on this new course yet haha!


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              Thanks for the link - that clears it up, it's the pure ETO course then, with the MCA ETO certificate.

              Same deal as those of us on the STC course, this has been going only since 2009 so having done the ETO oral and hence got the MCA certificate for ETOs is still a pretty rare thing.

              I don't think anyone knows how the higher "management" certificate will be assessed or what it will contain yet - hence plenty of refs to "TBC" and "interpretation from various sources"!

              Enjoy and yes you will have a green folder!


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                so just to clarify, is the course information on this link incorrect?


                and is page 13 of this link the breakdown of the course modules?


                I'm really glad Warsash has introduced an alternative ETO course, it will hopefully encourage STC to raise their game.
                Former TH cadet with experience of cruise ships, buoy tenders, research ships and oil tankers


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                  I reckon it should say to be clear "a UK MCA Electro Technical Officer certificate"

                  The book looks mostly right BUT page 14 still is from the old book when Warsash did the mech + add on on i.e "you can follow a similar path to that of the marine engineering officer or stay in the ETO specialism"

                  Agree competition is a good thing.


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                    I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.....

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