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    Due to join OOCL Belgium in April, had a look around and found a few bits of info (all good in fact), anybody recently been on and could give me an idea of what its like? Should i expect internet or not? Thanks!

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    I spent 4 months on board, what would you like to know?

    No internet on board but it is available in Macdonalds in Montreal (just next to the dock), occasionally at the dock in Montreal, always at seamans clubs in Liverpool and Le Havre.

    Crew are Phillipinos, officers are Croatian, Poles and UK. The 3/o when you join will likely be a guy called Humphrey, he was a cadet on board with me. Nice guy, knows his stuff and probably happy to help you out.

    Have a good trip, learn loads. If you are on 8 hours deck work a day, still go on the bridge for 2 hours afterwards if the officer on is OK with it. Ask questions, read manuals.



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      Thanks for that sounds good, didnt expect internet to be honest (would've been a nice bonus of course). I've heard we get "time off" in Montreal is this the case or will I be too busy? Also what is the food like in general? Thanks for the help, Jordan.