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Insuring personal belongings at sea?

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  • Insuring personal belongings at sea?

    Off to sea within the next few weeks for the first time. I would like to insure (for accidental damage/loss/theft-although less likely) my personal belongings before I go (e.g. phone/laptop) . Is there any particular insurance type for the industry? Is there no need as the ship will have insurance (although probably not for accidental damage)?

    Any tips will be greatly appreciated.
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    If you have your own place you can get them covered on your house insurance, Endsleigh do seafarers insurance which covers you while away. If you don't have your own place things get a lot more complicated: I have been unable to add my gadgets that I take away onto my parents house insurance, and obviously cannot take out my own house insurance policy on their already insured house.You could try "protect my bubble" but when I looked into using them they wouldn't cover me for the length of trip I do, so the stuff I take away with me remains uninsured. However when I asked my company about getting a separate insurance policy for my things I was told that no-one on board buys their own insurance because everything is covered by the ships P&I insurance.


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