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    Sorry to keep cluttering up the forum with my constant questions, just trying to get the best out of it while I panic about my upcoming orals.

    I'm just wondering what people think my chances are of being asked to tie knots or even splice during the oral exam? I've been told by some older Captains that they were asked to. Is this something that was done a while ago or is there still a chance I might be asked to do it, because to be honest I am pretty rusty.


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    Chances are slim. It's the sort of thing you are only likely to be asked if the examiner suspects a weakness in that area. Practice the EDH knots a couple of times, just in case. Splicing is even less likely. If he hands you a length of wire, a marlinspike, some string and a serving mallet - panic, cry, go home.


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      know a guy who was asked to tie a bowline in his masters orals