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    Hi all

    i am a deck cadet with wilhelmsen and as a part of my work based learning I'm looking into ways to improve communication onboard. I'm not talking about your usual "we need more toolbox meetings etc" more ways to improve communication and teamwork as a whole onboard. From my point of view I find it difficult to work effectively between Norwegian officers and Filipino crew, being British. I was thinking about all the cultural differences as well, for example the Filipinos tend to act as an insular group whereas the Europeans tend to be more outgoing.
    Anyway if any of you guys have thoughts on the subject it would be greatly appreciated and not only that hopefully give some of us new guys an idea of things we can help out with during our careers.

    Look forward to hearing from you

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    I think you need to post this a few more times, we might not have seen it...

    Anywho, I think this is quite a good question and a fair few folks have tried to answer it before. There is actually a book somewhere called "Understanding the Filipino seaman". Might be worth a read?
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      Lol yeah, I couldn't find the thread the first time so thought it hadn't posted. Ah ok that sounds a good place to start, I'll check it out. Thanks


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        Have deleted the other posts


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