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First day maths test.

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  • First day maths test.

    Hi all

    Starting my deck cadetship on the 21st of Jan in Glasgow on the professional diploma course.

    I have been trying to do some revision for the Maths test on the first day but I'm not really sure what topics I should be looking at and I'm also a bit concerned as I haven't done maths in about 6 years.

    Any info/advice would be much appreciated.


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    don't worry about it
    its a waste of time


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      I started PD deck in September. It wasn't that difficult and it does not count for anything. They just use it to get an overview of maths skills across the class, not specific to one person. I hadn't done maths in years either, didn't get much on the test, didn't change anything. I havent struggled with the maths stuff as i thought i might, There are some pretty good lecturers teaching PD.


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        Yeah, they did a similar thing on the HNC/D Engine course at STC in our first week. If I remember correctly, it was just some pretty basic stuff: pythagoras, something about volumes, some basic addition/subtraction and the like. It really is for them to get a basic feel as to the average level of maths is across the group so they know where to start.
        I'm not sure what it'll be like for you deckies, but most of the maths we've covered in engineering has been pretty straight forward, and the teaching has been good so you shouldn't struggle too much.