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  • Azimuth Mirror

    I'm just wondering if anyone has any good online notes on the use of an Azimuth Mirror, I can't seem to find any at all.


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    Don't have any notes at hand but you should have some in your celestial notes?

    If not its pretty straight forward if you have it set up on a bridge wing repeater or something similar. Just set it up correctly with the mirrors and the sight in the middle at 90 degrees. Line up the Object you are taking a bearing of , it should be directly in the middle of the 'string' , then read off the reflective mirror what the heading is.


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      The wire closest to you is called the "near vane" and the one furthest away is the "far vane" (collectively called the sighting vanes) these are mainly used for terrestial bearings (or low bearings)

      The prism and mirror (make sure the arrow on the prism is pointing in the correct direction) are normally for a sun Azimuth and the light is reflected from the prism to the mirror.

      The best bet is to get someone to practially show you then you can make your own notes, but I cant remember ever having to make notes on it.

      Hope that helps.
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        After reading Chris's comment I realize i was talking about an 'Azimuth Ring' sorry for any confusion ha