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Can anyone help me on the carnival uk aptitude tests?

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  • Can anyone help me on the carnival uk aptitude tests?

    I took the test before and failed miserably and I know well it was on the numerical and mechanical reasoning. So I have one coming up again really soon and I was just wondering if anyone could link me some online tests that are very similiar to that of Carnivals. I'd really appreciate it. And any other tips you could think of giving me! Thanks!

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    Hi Soupie246

    Im not sure if Im allowed to put this in but this link may assist you

    I would suggest that you try and improve the whole package, ensure you have your interview skills, spelling, punctuation and gramma sorted (Im not suggesting you dont but simply saying dont let them slide whilst dealing with the numerical and mechanical reasoning) as often the way you portray yourself will be more important when it comes to Carnival ( I do know from having worked for them for over 10 years).

    As a side note Im a bit confused as you have Deck Cadet under your name - are you trying to transfer from another company?


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      Hi Chris,

      Thanks so much for your help! I'll take everything into account for sure. Um, well I wasn't sure what title I am when I was signing up to this but I know now I should be under aspiring deck cadet. I haven't done my placement yet.

      Thanks again,



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        the army officer selecttion board are about the hardest ones ive had to do.

        Here is their book it explains how to do each type and gives practice examples

        and planing exercise too aparently their getting more common for interviews in civie world too


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          thanks lewis!