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  • Tattoos?

    What is the actual Merchant Navy policy regarding tattoos or does it depend on the ship type? For example, I'm assuming all tattoos would have to be in coverable areas on passanger vessels like cruises and ferries. Not sure if they're too much of a problem on other ships? I've got tattoos in areas that are easily hidden with uniform, was wanting to finish my sleeve but not sure if I could. Anyone else got tattoos and encoutered problems? Any help appreciated.

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    What you can/cant have is decided by individual companies.

    Some (mostly cargo companies) aren't bothered but that doesn't speak for all of them.

    Passenger ships are more strict. Some don't allow any that are visible below the line of a short sleeve shirt sleeve or neck line, others rule them out altogether.

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      None of mine are visable. Seems like it would be a good idea to just get tattoos in easily covered areas for the minute!


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        I asked my company at the interview what the craic with it was, they said it didn't really matter unless they were heavily sexist/racist/offensive. As for visible, none of mine are wearing a boiler suit but i sailed with a few folk who had tattoos on necks and hands, not an eyelid was batted.


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          As far as policy goes, most cargo ship companies don't have a policy, most passenger ship companies do not accept anyone with tattoos which are visible when in a short sleeved shirt.

          However, that does not mean that if the interviewer notices that you have tattoos and doesn't like them, he or she might pick the other candidate over you.
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            I'm plastered with tattoos on my arms, chest and legs but because I can cover them up with a long sleeve shirt, it was not an issue. I did ask at my interviews with CMT and Chevron and both said it was not an issue.