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    I am a first year cadet wih clyde marine training, my sponsor company is with K-Line bulk carriers and due to go away in april at sompoint for 4-6 months. As this is my first trip does anyone know what i can expect from K-Line, working conditions, ports i can expect to visit ect. much appreciated.

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    My son and also a friend of the family did their training via K Line. Both had a fine time, training on board was good and both now have gainful employment in their chosen field!
    All Indian crew, so as long as you're ok with the food, you should have no problem. The cooks will also do you chips as a treat if you're good to them!
    The only issue was that their 2 trips were on identical sister ships, so not a great deal of variety, but they had plenty of work - and were worked hard at times - learned a lot and occasionally visited ports outside the normal, although primarily Europe-S America/USA.
    K Line seem to be a fairly well run outfit


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      thats brilliant news i shouldnt have a problem, although another quick question..where they both required to do a combined ticket .. steam & motor as there has been some talk of this going about and no one seems to know at the college end. is this a compulsory k-line requirement ? many thanks.


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        No combined tickets - just motor at this stage.