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Carnival Induction Day?!

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  • Carnival Induction Day?!

    I have an email about the induction in december with Carnival and was wondering what sort of things to bring clothes wise? Is it suits or casual?

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    If you're talking about Carnival UK three day induction don't make the same mistake as me As you're going to be at the head quarters you want to wear smart clothes but take some casual's too as you have a lot of free time after.


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      Is this for a cadetship?

      If so, I would be in full suit, and treat it like a interview. Chances are you will be meeting a fair number of Carnival Employees, and first impressions count.

      However, if you are uncertain, the easiest thing would be to ring whoever is organising, and ask them to confirm the dress code. You can lose 'marks' for being poorly dressed, but not for enquiring!


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        I was at the September intake induction... for anything in the office I would say a suit, but if it is like ours, there will be an informal meal, we all wore just nice casual clothing to that! It was a good few days!! Have a good time!


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          Suit up!

          To boldly go.....
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            Hi Hatty, Is it the induction on the 12th of Dec you will be going to? I will be joining you there xx