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  • Looking for help with my project


    I'm currently preparing to undertake a project for the FD at Plymouth. I'm in second year/Stage 2 and will be going to sea for my final sea phase shortly. Before I leave for sea - and have very little internet access - I wanted to try and get my questionnaire posted so that I can gather as much data as possible before I do so.

    The project is concerned with vessels running behind schedule and the reasons for doing so. Any one who has any experience on a merchant vessel can answer it, even if you haven't experienced any delays.

    The questionnaire itself is only four questions long and I'd be surprised if it took more than a few minutes to complete.

    I really appreciate the time any of you take to fill it out.

    If you have any questions to ask please do so. The same goes for any comments/criticism etc.

    The questionnaire can be found at:



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    For the length of and reason for the delay do you want people to answer these questions for the longest delay that they have experienced?

    I am sure that most of us who have been around for a while have experienced more then one delay.
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      As Clanky says, I'm not sure really how I can answer this. I've had delays for all of the reasons listed. If I choose one, am I not then giving you some very selective information? Information that might not really be of much use?
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        I just filled it in for the longest delay, may skew the results slightly but as there's no question relating to the regularity of delays there's not much else to do.


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          I did the same, may be worth adding a couple of extra questions, like percentage of sailing delayed by more than 1 hour (anything else barely counts as a delay and approximate average delay length.
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            For such a complex issue those questions will never do it justice. Sorry!
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              Hi guys,

              I realised the issue that you've raised was present, however I wasn't sure how I could change the questionnaire to suit. That is, that I don't know how to use the software well enough to do so. The percentage idea by Clanky is probably the way forward.

              The longest delay is useful as it will show which takes the most time however if lesser delays occur more often then they are also important to look at.

              Back to the drawing board perhaps. For those who have done it so far though, thank you.