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Clyde trainees ? 1 week trip on boat during holidays ?

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  • Clyde trainees ? 1 week trip on boat during holidays ?

    Lot of people at COGC saying that during October week all cadets have to go on a boat trip for 1 week during October holidays. Is this normal or can any1 shed any light on it ?

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    Team building week. It's either a sailing trip for a week or a week spent at Abernethy outdoor centre. Wasn't during the holidays as far as I remember though. Although I do remember Abernethy being absolutely awful.


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      Wow, that sounds great. I wish I'd had that opportunity with my sponsorship company during my cadet ship.


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        Think it's just something COGC do for all phase one cadets. It was a good week but some of the staff at the overtly christian Abernethy did try their hardest to save us... Those thoughts were quickly forgotten at the post trip bonding session.


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          I'll glide through this kind of thing. Seems like a lot of people around these parts either hate camping (something I do a lot on my lonesome) or hate walking... the thing I do between camping. Otherwise, being out on a boat suits me fine as well!


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            I love walking, so long as it's in the sunshine and either between good hotels or returning home at night.

            Camping on Lanzarote is a nioghtmare as you are generally either on lava or sand, neither of which are good for putting tent pegs in so you generally end up trying to weight the tent down with rocks and tying guy ropes to either big heavy rocks or smaller rocks burried in sand. The other thing Lanzarote is well known for is wind which is not a good combination with jury rigged tents.

            Have spent a few overnight kayaking trips just sleeping on a beach and being eaten alive by mossies.
            Go out, do stuff