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  • OOW Oral Report - Plymouth

    Hope this helps anyone going up for Oral OOW soon:

    OOW Orals Report
    Thomas Lloyd Vs. Captain D. Morris

    20th August 0910 ? 1000

    Got to the Marine Office too early, so had plenty of time to think of many horrific outcomes, decided to cheer myself up by reading some MAIB reports which were in the waiting room. Cheered me up slightly, and Captain Morris took me to the interrogation unit at 0900 sharp, and disappeared for 10 minutes to get me a glass of water.

    He started by looking over my discharge book, noticed I had worked for Zodiac Maritime, and we spent 5 minutes chatting about them. Turns out that Captain Morris is an ISM auditor and was familiar with Zodiac and was familiar with some of the ships I had been on, as well as Zodiac?s SMS, and was quite complimentary of their SMS. This put me at ease a tad, and after a few more minutes of shooting the breeze about ship stuff, we got into it.

    1) Tell me everything you know about ISM.
    a. Expected this kind of question from an ISM auditor, so I took a deep breath, clenched and reeled off everything I knew about ISM. Keywords, MGN 40, SOLAS Chapter 9. Must have left out non-conformity, because the next question was?.
    2) What is a non-conformity under ISM?
    a. Luckily I knew.
    3) What are my duties as a 3rd Mate?
    a. Gave him the works, with the Wikipedia answer. (Master?s Rep, Safety of Navigation, etc etc., made sure to mention I may have special duties, and I would check the SMS for guidance if so)
    4) I have a new first trip cadet under my wing, and we are going forward for mooring. What duties would you give him?
    a. Sensed a trick a mile away here, so decided to play it safe and said I would have him on the mooring deck to observe only as it was his first trip. Gave him all the good stuff about snap-back zones, PPE, risk assessment, observing from a height, etc.
    5) Because I had mentioned risk assessment, he then asked me what was risk assessment?
    a. Mentioned COSWP Chapter 1, Hazards, Harm, Dynamic and Formal risk assessments.
    6) He brought out a chart, and I got about 6 chart interpretation questions.
    a. Chart 5011 is your friend.
    7) What is WGS 84? Is this the only Datum in use?
    a. WGS 84 is the World Geodetic System 1984. It is the usual Datum used by GPS units. And no it isn?t, some old charts use different Datums, gave the spiel about looking for the Sat Nav magenta adjustments on the chart.
    8) Passed me an ATT and asked for the tides, today in Plymouth. Was it springs or neaps?
    a. If you have gotten to the Orals stage without learning how to do a basic tide question, well, God help you.

    9) Asked me about the Planned Maintenance System on my last ship.
    a. Talked about it, how it works, mentioned there was some stuff in my Ops workbook about it, so he picked up my workbook and started flicking through it.
    10) Asked me if I had been on a weather reporting ship.
    a. Said I had, so straight onto?
    11) What is a PAB? How do I take a reading?
    a. Precision Aneroid Barometer, told him how to take a reading with one, then how to adjust to sea level.
    12) What is inside a Stevenson Screen?
    a. Marine Hygrometer
    b. Decided to get the next question out of the way, because I knew it was going to be ?what if the temperatures are the same?, so I told him about prediction of fog, using the table inside NP100, ventilation of cargo holds if required (certain types of bulk cargo).
    13) What is a hydrometer?
    a. Instrument for measuring relative density of a fluid.
    14) ECDIS, tell me everything you know, had I used it, had I been on a paperless ship?
    a. Talked non-stop for about 2 minutes about ECDIS, all the usual good stuff like ENC and RNC, pros and cons, requirements for paperless, limitations, etc.
    15) Passage Planning. Tell me everything.
    a. Got stopped midway into Planning.
    16) When will I call the master?
    a. Listed all the items in BPG. Seemed happy.
    17) You are on the 2000-2400 watch, Second Mate comes up at Midnight to relieve you. Explain the handover procedure.
    a. Noticed he said the 2nd Mate came up at midnight, so quickly said I would not hand over the watch until the 2nd Mate?s eyes were adjusted to the dark. Then I went through the watch hand over list. He seemed happy.
    18) Compass Errors. Lots of questions, how to take, when to take.
    a. Told him about transits if close to shore, then deep sea gave him amplitudes, azimuths and Polaris. I had quite a bit of celestial in my Nav book, with lots of different methods (ABC, Cosine Formula, Amplitude, etc) so told him about them and he had a look. I recommend having a good Nav workbook before going up, helps a lot if you can point to it and show you did something other than getting intimate with yourself whilst at sea.
    19) Amplitudes, how high should the Sun be when taking?
    a. Half a semi-diameter.
    20) Lifebuoys, markings, how many required, etc
    a. SOLAS Chapter 3, you cannot go wrong.
    21) On anchor watch, what are your duties, you notice the anchor is dragging and a vessel is passing close, actions.
    a. Gave him the anchor watch duties, then gave actions to take, he was very happy when I dropped in ?I?d call the Engine Room? into my answers, he said people often forget that one.


    1) A LOAD OF RULE 19! Not situations, but was quizzing me on my knowledge, I started to parrot off Rule 19, but he stopped me and said he didn?t want to hear what it said, but how I personally interpreted Rule 19. So I answered all the questions (there was many, speed, when does it apply, does it apply in heavy rain, etc) the way I thought it applied, and he seemed happy.
    2) Smarty board, NUC ahead not making way, said I am RAM. Who should alter?
    a. I should.
    3) Lots of questions on my interpretation of what a vessel NUC is.
    4) Tug and Tow crossing from port.
    a. Tug and Tow gives way.
    5) Same vessel, but now has ball diamond ball.
    a. I keep clear, alter to port.
    6) Vessel 22.5 degrees abaft beam, is it crossing or overtaking?
    a. It is crossing.
    7) Now I am the vessel 22.5 abaft the beam, but the ship is rolling, compass is swinging a bit. What now?
    a. Told him as I was unsure if it was 22.5 or less, I should assume I am overtaking, act accordingly.
    8) Vessel ahead, 5 degrees to starboard.
    a. Rule 14, pass port to port. Both vessels give way.
    9) Vessel calls you up and asks for green-to-green.
    a. Decline, call the Master.
    10) Smarty board, vessel aground. Sound signals.
    a. By this point I was feeling super confident and not even thinking about my answers, and for some reason I said it was NUC making way, luckily as I was saying it I realised what a monstrous cock up I was making and before he could even say anything I corrected myself. Saved the day!


    He wanted top marks, and how to pass them on a course of 180.
    1) Lateral marks IALA A+B
    2) Preferred Channel IALA A+B
    3) Emergency Wreck Buoy
    4) East Cardinal
    5) Port Lateral Special Mark
    6) Isolated Danger

    NOTE!! The buoys he shows you are miniature models, and I messed up Preferred Channel to Port because I thought it looked like a can. It was not, so he quizzed on me on shapes and colour bands of all regions of Preferred Channel buoys. And just before he told me I had passed, he got the flash card for Preferred Channel to Port, IALA B out of a pile and asked me what it was? And that was it. Told me I had passed.

    Was so relieved, thought I had failed because of the cock-up on the preferred channel buoy, but he gave me a chance to redeem myself. I would recommend if you aren?t sure of the shape, then ASK HIM IF IT IS A CAN OR A CONE!!!

    I thought I had a good exam, don?t read too much into the style of the report, Captain Morris made it seem like a conversation, dropping questions here and there, and after about 15 minutes I was pretty relaxed and the answers came easy. We spent 10 minutes after the exam talking about what ships I would like to work on, what the job market was like.