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Books are expensive. What's the solution?

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    My last ship did. Their's no way i am humphing a copy of nories round the world
    Was more for going to college. My kindle is far lighter than my copy of nories.


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      I never found it necessary to buy any books when I was at college in Fleetwood. The library is decently stocked, some books are reference only so just photocopy what you need.

      When at sea you'll find copies of important publications on the bridge. Just make sure you ask/tell an officer that are borrowing them for your studies.

      You'll probably have a house share in your second phase, we generally used to work together and share books etc.

      The only exception was some of the study notes for orals which I purchased. There are a lot of dodgy pdf scanned copies of books about, you pick em up when your at college


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        Originally posted by YoungMariner View Post
        In the Philippines, all the Seamanship International Books are available in the maritime book stores at 1/4 of the price. Just goes to show the profit margin.
        I'd love to know how they do it. My partner and I run an online shop, and we buy directly from them. Our trade discount is nowhere near that.
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          Originally posted by size4riggerboots View Post
          You really shouldn't need to take Norries away to sea, that one will be on the bridge for sure!
          If it's not a British ship... there's a requirement to carry navigational tables but not necessarily Norries, I ordered one for the use of cadets on my last ship as the navigational tables we had weren't in english... which is fine for the numbers part but every so slightly confusing to figure which table it is.... tried to find DMP... not a chance!


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            Originally posted by CharlieDelta View Post
            I'd love to know how they do it. My partner and I run an online shop, and we buy directly from them. Our trade discount is nowhere near that.
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              They are bookie.....not legit and of lower quality paper and binding....tiara used to be a source of such books too......I have a copy of knapp which was a fraction of the UK price
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                FWIW 20% off Witherby titles can be currently had be entering codes 'deck20' or 'engine20' at the online checkout. No idea of the validity window. Sometimes discount codes also work by prefixing the '20' with the name of your nautical college of choice.