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  • Cadetship Renewal

    Hi guys,

    I was looking for some advice on a predicament I've recently encountered.

    I was sponsored by Northern marine Management, of the Stenasphere, through clyde marine from January until the 19th of June.

    Unfortunately I failed CelNav and Charts, But worked under the assumption that carrying two units was acceptable (If not ideal.)

    Northern Marine let me go, which was a crushing disappointment, but it was also a severe wake up call, obviously there is no one here to blame but myself.

    I'm planning to re-sit the units in August, and pass, in order to improve my chances of Sponsorship renewal, however there is very little Clyde Marine can do to help as it 'undermines Stena'.

    If anyone has any advice/ideas that I could use to try and get some sea time and get back onto the course, I'd be very appreciative.

    Thank you.

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    Hi, I'm slightly confused - are you still enrolled on / able to continue on the HND/PD/FD course? If so, there is nothing to prevent you doing so on your own (obviously it would mean paying for it yourself) and arranging your own sea time (potentially problematic) - as it would still count as following an "approved course".

    Addressing your sea time issues; there are a number of companies who will take on "cadets" / "apprentice officers" as a position onboard the vessel - some of the large cruise lines do it (Royal Caribbean / Celebrity Cruises recruit directly although I can't find the links) as do some of the large international management companies (V. Ships / CSM to name two) - while the adverts are clearly geared towards non UK cadets (since in the UK most are sponsored by a company) there is nothing to stop you applying for these.

    You could also try contacting some of the management companies to see if they have spaces on any of their ships for "cadets".

    Alternatively you can go the other way; i.e.; try and get a position as an OS/AB and do the 36 month sea time examination route.
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      Hi, sorry for the confusion, but I am still completely enrolled in college, and my course tutor has Specified that there is nothing to stop me from going back to college.

      I thank you for giving me the information on these companies, I will proceed to send away as many applications as I can

      I know this is the career for me and I have a few contingency plans, (The AB route being one of them).

      Thanks again !