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    To any one out there who are, of have served, a cadetship with CMA CGM, what were the names of the ships you were posted on during your sea phases?

    Cheers, Rich.

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    i've only had one sea phase with cma and I was on Verdi. Two of my mates went on Vivaldi.... I'm still awaiting to find out what ship im joining in 3 weeks or so :/
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      Again, I've only been on the one ship and that was Thalassa. I've heard nothing about my next ship and neither has any other cma cadets I know. Some of the other cadets I believe served on Wagner, Strauss and Puget. Pretty much any of the London fleet I think.


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        I'm supposedly meant to be joining a ship now, but I still have no idea what ship or the exact date yet. I've been waiting round since the beginning of May when I finished the phase at college!


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          Same here!! The waiting is killing me.... Apparently they sold 3 of their vessels and so don't have enough space at the moment.


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            I've had the same story! I just hope we found out soon, I was told I would be leaving 1st of 2nd week of July after ringing up head office. I'm stil waiting on news....