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    I have accepted my cadetship with princess cruises and start september 2012 at south tyneside,

    The info that the company sent me about my c1/d visa is an old link and wondered if anyone has the new one or can direct me to it?

    Also any other advice about the visa or any thing about going down there and stuff would be apreciated.


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    don't lie they probably know more than you do about you


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      Surprisingly you goto the US embassy's website and select C1/D Alien Crew Member in Transit; i.e.;

      Your sponsor will provide you with the information you need to supply on the form - do not fill it in until your sponsor provides you with the letter as your details must match that printed on the letter from your employer. When you click proceed it will generate a lovely PDF form you can print out and post away.

      (IE: Address in the US will either be C/O Someship Name or C/O Employer Name & Head Office Address)
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