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  • Anyone else scared?

    i'm due away on my first ever sea trip, early may, and tbh i'm extremely scared and nervous! more nervous than excitement is within me! i'll be away for 4 months, and i have no idea what to expect. i'm in quite a serious relationship with my girlfriend and have been for the past 5 years. she isn't happy about me going away for 4 month, but is 100% behind me at the same time.

    Any advice on how to feel less nervous? and advice on how to cope from being away from your partner?


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    I would hazard a guess to say most Cadets get nervous joining a ship, there are so many unknowns and everything that you have heard about during college starts to run riot in your brain.
    firstly most cadets have good ship expereinces, but remember a lot of it comes down to you, get involved with the crew and prevent becoming isolated, and if you dont know how something works then ask, either the engineer your working with most closely or who ever you want, don't think 'oh i cant ask that im going to seem stupid'
    Secondly try to be organised in what you need to achieve while your on ship, read the TRB and understand what sections need filled in when, for things like the ships particulars make a copy so you have something to scribble on as you look around then write it out good.

    As for leaving your home life on hold thats hard, if she understands why you need to do this then its a better start, try as much as possible to keep intouch, and this will depend on what is onboard your ship, personally i would make sure you know what data charges your phone will have internationally, then everytime your in port you can use it to send a few emails, and hopefully recieve them too. if your not away for over a month try to maximise the time you get to spend together,
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      I felt nervous before joining my first ship. I traveled to the hotel, got myself settled down for the night and thought, what the **** am I doing?

      Feeling nervous will go with time, it's a pretty big thing I think... a lot of people might not get nervous, but they are telling fibs.

      Going away for four months will undoubtedly put some strain on your relationship I'd imagine.

      Keep your chin up, have a good time and all will be well!


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        I was like this last year when I left for 4 months. The mixture of excitement, curiosity and fear was present within me but after I signed off, and as we say in Bulgaria "Drank some salt water", it all past away and I can't think of doing anything better.

        My advice: Don't think a lot about it. Whatever happens will happen. And about the girl: send her e-mails, some times a SMS or two.

        Those were my two cents.


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          They're giving you 4 months straight for the first trip? That's a bit mean!
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            if he is with the same company that I am then that is standard I believe. In at the deep(sea) end.


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              4 months is standard... 10 of us with Viking in my phase were away for 6 months during our first sea phase! (Both Holland America Line and Island Cruises)
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                If you can, talk to other cadets who have been to sea already, preferably in person, but if not then there are plenty on here who have completed there first sea phase. If there are any issues in particular which are making you nervous then ask about them, if it's just the whole thing then hearing other peoples' experiences should help.

                As for relationships, find out what internet / phone access you will have onboard and if you will have internet then get skype, just don't go promising to talk to her 3 times per day or anything silly like that, tell her you will have to figure out when you can call when you get there and find out your working hours. A career at sea is tough on relationships, there is no doubt, but it can work and if it is meant to be then it will be.
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