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    Was wondering if anyone knew any good websites for learning morse? I have the flipcards and have been writing it out, but I am ideally looking for a website or program which will test me by showing a random morse letter or phrase (using light, not sound) which I then have to translate. I know there are websites which will translate letters to morse but generally these require you to input the letter yourself first, which kind of defeats the purpose when you are trying to teast yourself because you already know what letter you have input...

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      Is there an app for it? I got a rules of the road app thats good and has random pop up questions.


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        Morse It for iOS


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          You want something like . I've got the DOS version somewhere. Your college might have a copy.


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            I found a program (free) that teaches morse one letter at a time, starts with only two and you respond to the morse code audio by pressing the key for the letter. When your accuracy gets up then another letter is added. it is free for personal non commercial use as I understand it.