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RFA - BRNC Induction Day

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  • RFA - BRNC Induction Day

    Hi all,

    I'll make this short and sweet.

    I have just received an email about the BRNC induction day, and it is the first I had been told about it. Consequently I have a holiday booked that week in Scotland.

    Does anyone know if the induction day is a once per intake operation or if they run multiple days before the actual training starts? As this will disappoint me and the Mrs and I'll be missing out on the holiday and losing the money for it.

    (I am going to call up when I get chance to from work, but thought I would ask here also)

    Thanks in advance.
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    It is once per intake, however, not everyone could make it down when I did mine. I don't think they lost out a big deal. Was a good event to get to know people before turning up for the 7 weeks however.
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      I would have loved to go had it not been smack bang in the middle of the only holiday I'll get with the Mrs this year. Will make a phone call and see what the official line is in this situation.

      Thanks for the reply
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        Well I havent recieved an email yet, I hope I do asit will be wrth a visit if the timings line up.


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          I would like to go to. I can travel back from Scotland for the day (and a half) if I get some assistance with travel.
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