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  • Professional Diploma?

    Hey guys,
    Im starting the professional diploma course in september 2012. Im just wondering if anyone thats doing the course now can tell me what the work load is like and how difficult it is. Thanks

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    I think it is just about right and its not difficult. If you pay attention in class you'll find that most of the exam content is in fact covered by the lecturers and will save you a lot of hassle of having to learn it new from a book the night before the test. That said you should get a book for your subjects; it helps a lot for things like celestial, chartwork and stability to be able to refer to a book as you go along to supplement the course handouts.
    Do all available tutorials in your own time especially chartwork (only three people passed chartwork first time in my class and they were the only ones who'd done all the exercises).
    In my class there was a big difference between those who had done some higher education before and the folk that had just come straight out of school, the latter maybe not having developed good study routine or note taking I dunno. There is little need for stress if you do some work as you go along. It wouldn't hurt you to get a colregs book now as it seemed to stress the most people being a 90% pass mark exam.


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      Thanks very much for the reply, Ive been out of school for sometime but Im doing highers in college now. Can you give me the names of any books that I should be purchasing that will be helpful during my time at nautical college.


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        All 38 rules and annexes which you will need to know and understand - buy this for sure even if you don't look at it before college.

        Memorisation is easy, the understanding part can be difficult without having done any sea time. This book is pretty damn good for the explanation as it is one of the few books that uses good pictures of all the situations but I wouldn't buy really buy any books before you start college and can test run then from the library. Just buy that wee rule book. These wee flip cards are good but you may be able to get them cheaper at college

        For books to check out in the library at college check this thread:!


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          Here at Warsash the library has several copies of all the core text books and enough other texts available to read around the subject if you feel the need to expand your knowledge base (it can get quite boring on the could either drink productively (?) or study productively...I try both). As such, I've bought no text books at all, though I'm only at the end of phase 1. Maybe Zeus tables would be beneficial?
          On top of that, the notes that you take / are given in class should amply cover you for basic understanding and exam passing.
          Can't speak for other colleges, sorry.
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