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  • The all important electronics

    The bags are almost packed and I am pretty much ready to go to sea ? even though I haven?t been told anything yet. However, whilst having a discussion with other cadets a concerning topic came up.

    Now, I have been given information by a certain cadet with a certain company. This information (from his little company book) states that the Middle Eastern airports do not like people who have a C1/D Visa who are carrying electronics. I have been told that you will not get any of them back, even if you don?t have anything ?bad? on them.

    Now I tried to find something about this online which is/was official, but I can?t find anything on it.

    Is this ?information? true?

    After purchasing a HDD, I have copied my own DVD?s legally to my HDD and purchased my own music legally? cough cough? But if someone were to illegally download music, I would think the best thing to do would be to stick it on your phone and delete it off your computer.

    Would this be a good idea?

    I would think this would work for the films as well, but keeping them on your HDD and packing this with your hand luggage.

    What would you guys recommend? Have any of you experienced any problems with the topic in question?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Originally posted by Lewisscott22 View Post
    people who have a C1/D Visa
    Isn't that a US visa? How is it entered in your passport, would they have to hunt for it, and why would they be interested? OTOH, I suppose they could use it as a cue since sailors are likely to be 1) carrying porn and 2) probably won't be in the country too long to contest ownership of their possessions.

    I carry all items of value in hand luggage anyway - laptop, HDDs, cameras, phones, documents, etc. Don't put anything in your checked luggage that you can't afford to lose.

    I'm pretty sure the authorities aren't interested in whether your HDD is packed with illegal copies (which any of DVDs are in the UK unless you've purchased rights to make a digital copy...), if they are interested at all it will be either to steal your items of value, or to make an example of you for importing filth or other banned material.

    I've flown into UAE and Bahrain on many occasions and never had electronics in my hand luggage inspected, or seen anyone else's inspected, or seen any indication that my checked baggage had been opened for inspection. They do x-ray your luggage on arrival at Dubai at least, but I've never seen them make a fuss about what was in it. I couldn't comment on the lower end Middle Eastern venues.


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      Have flown through Dubai a few times with electronics and never had any issues, same with Cairo recently, although that's not quite the middle east.
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        I've lived, grown up (somewhat) and worked in the Middle East and Dubai for over 10 years and I can tell you it's bull****. I've got a C1D1 in my passport and it never raises a comment and I've lost track how many times i've been through immigration in several ME countries since I've got it.

        Unless you're going to Saudi, they are unlikely to check your hard-drive for naughty videos (or illegal ones as whilst copyright is illegal no one seems to be doing much about it), simply because of the sheer volume of people and the time it would take. However they will have something to say if you've got pill or medication (or even vitamins) of any kind as they will have something to say about that. Just buy it when you get here...

        Other than that, tell the cadet from a certain company to jog on...
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          I went through Dubai in November with 3 HDD's, Laptop, iPod and phone all in my luggage (2 of the HDD's were in my suitcase) and nobody said a thing. I can't remember anyone looking at my passport either (it was a stop over between Brisbane and Glasgow) despite going through security again. The Australians cared far more and went through all my stuff but ignored the electronics. My antihistamines did raise quite a few questions though (I was a numpty and had put them in an empty pill bottle, being super strong prescription stuff the customs guy had never seen them before...).

          [edit] It should also be noted that on all my electronics I had music/tv shows/films whose veracity for being legally obtained would be rather difficult to prove [/edit]


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            I think people panic about it too much, 95% of people who work at sea have a selection of digital devices crammed to the rafters with god knows what and get on just fine!
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