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    I've been told I am joining the OOCL Belgium mid March in Liverpool, I am looking forward to this immensely. College phase is almost finished and I have some time off to enjoy myself.

    Has anyone experience of this ship? I've looked at everything I could find online about it. Info r.e gym facilities, accommodation etc would be welcome.



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    I'm going to go with a mix of "oooooo" and "pah, HFO engine..."

    You're going to love it though....
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      I can only say that stereotypically, the Belgians are pretty fun. In a european kinda way No idea honestly, but make the best of whatever your find yourself in and have fun!


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        Looks like a small container ship. 3000 TEU, but trust me, smaller is better. Built in 1998, so unless they have refitted, don't expect hi-tech stuff on the bridge, which if this is your first ship, is good. South Korean built, so accommodation should be decent. A 14 year old ship on Atlantic trade, should have some interesting 'new features' inside the tanks, make sure you get taken for a look around when the Chief Mate does his inspections.

        It appears to be on the Gateway Express 1 line, so you go Liverpool > Antwerp > Bremerhaven (seaman's club do good beer there, and it's right outside the gate, stumbling distance) > Le Havre > Liverpool > Montreal. Repeat.

        Judging by the schedule, looks like a full discharge in Montreal, so you get 2-3 days there, so should be quite fun!

        As for the facilities, I have no idea. Gyms are often hilarious affairs on ships, involving ping-pong tables. Buy a TRX, or gym rings and a skip rope. Best investment you'll ever make, rig them in the S/G room on something sturdy, and you're laughing.


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          Cheers for all the replies! I intend to take rock rings with me (for training finger strength and upper body) and am sure there will be somewhere to do pullups. I can do circuits pretty well anywhere to keep fit.

          Didn't realise about the possible 2-3 days in Montreal, providing I get permission to get ashore I imagine I will go for as long a run as I can manage.



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            Hi guys,

            I was just wondering if anyone is here that's been on the Belgium could tell me anything that might be of any interest? Or if anyone is going on her between April and July?

            I got my dates yesterday and I'm buzzing to get on her!

            Thanks for any replies in advance


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              Joining in april, not heard too much about it so far but what I have heard has been good!


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                Jordy and aw, looks like we will be on at much the same time. See you guys then!



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                  Joining in July for 5 months , will be my second ship . I know of most OOCL cadets who are placed on this vessel or the sister ship The OOCL montreal , who else is joining for a nice phase in the north atlantic in winter ?
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                    my friend is on there now as 3/O
                    my only wish is that i die real.