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    When I asked my chief officer for a steering certificate on my last ship, he just stared at me blankly, is this something I need to demand from my ship, or can my training manager provide me with one to get signed next time I'm on board?

    I have the required hours.

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    The record in your TRB counts as your steering certificate. You do not need anything other than that.


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      Fantastic, thank you!


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        You need to get the ship to give you a steering certificate. I don't think there is a pro-forma as such, the ship I was on just made it look as official as possible! It will need your name, date of birth, rank, discharge book number, the ships name, company address and official stamp and date. And to have a title of some sort (Steering Certificate seems like a good one!) Mine then says:

        "This is to certify that the above named seafarer has met the requirements laid down in the Merchant Shipping Act (Certificate of Competency as AB) Regulations 1970, having served on *Insert ship name here* being a ship having a gross tonnage in excess of 100 tonnes and during that time took turns at the wheel in steering the ship (apart from periods of instruction) for periods amounting in the aggregate to more than ten hours"

        Name and signature of master
        Name and signature of rating

        It then says:

        "NB- Regulation 4(1)(c) of the above regulations provides that an applicant for a Certificate of Competency as an Able Seaman must, apart from periods of instruction, have taken turns at the wheel in steering a ship (not being a fishing boat) having a gross tonnage of 100 tonnes or more or in the case of a sailing ship a gross tonnage of 40 tonnes or more for periods totalling not less than 10 hours.

        Regulation 5(1)(a)(ii) provides that the above requirement must be complied with before a seaman can take the qualifying examination prescribed by Regulation 4(1)(c) and schedule 1, (this is the examination for which sucessful candidates recieve and Efficient Deck Hand Certificate)."

        MCA seemed happy with that!


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          We were given the MCA steering certificate for the ship's officers to complete when we had accrued more than 10 hours steering time.
          The form name is MSF 4307 / REV 0902.


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            I'm also at Warsash, but we weren't given anything like that. I'm hoping that the page in the TRB is ok.


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              You'll be fine, fleetwood seem to be sending people off with a certificate to be completed, but WMA advise that the new style TRB counts as one. It must be ok, as there are plenty of people skipping off for their orals with this format!


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                Originally posted by steamer View Post
                You'll be fine, fleetwood seem to be sending people off with a certificate to be completed, but WMA advise that the new style TRB counts as one. It must be ok, as there are plenty of people skipping off for their orals with this format!
                Thanks steamer!


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                  It isn't for orals as I remember, you require it to complete the EDH course. Strange how they didn't give you one? We all got given one at the end of phase 1 when they handed out the TRB's. But if the log in the TRB is good enough, I suppose it doesn't matter. Just make sure you get 10 hours at the wheel.


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                    Ok, using my amazing Paint skills (!) I have removed my details from my steering cert, so if anyone needs one, you can print this one off.

                    MSF 4307


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                      MGN 097 (M) states quite clearly that a steering certificate is not required and that the proof of steering in the TRB is sufficient to obtain an EDH certificate, which then allows you to apply apply for an NOE etc.
                      Also a quick search of the MCA website does not find MSF 4307, which leads me to believe that this is no longer valid.
                      I would urge anybody reading this thread not to start adding possibly defunct paperwork into their folios and simply follow college advice, otherwise you could end up making the colleges look out of date, or even worse yourself!
                      I have reservations regarding copyright of the above link, but I shall leave that one to my colleagues to sort out.


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                        steamer, this is following college advice, seeing as they were the ones who gave it to me, and every other cadet in class, and this is the form every one has gotten filled in. If you are saying that you don't need it, that is fine with me, but we were given it by the lecturers and told to have to completed before we do the final stage of EDH. I don't know why you are making a fuss over it.


                        So just to make sure, I have contacted other members of my group at Warsash, and confirmed the form given to us was MSF 4307, and the people I have spoke to, have filled in this form. Take from that, whatever you want to take. I highly doubt the form is copyrighted in anyway, but as always in life, use your own judgement.


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                          Which intake are you in and hnd or fd. I was Jan 10 fd, maybe they have changed the system


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                            Sept 09 HND. If no one else seems to be using this form, I wouldn't be surprised if it has changed. As steamer said, it appears that all you need is the log completed in the TRB, so I wouldn't be worried as long as you have that completed.


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                              I was given no guidance from the college, though the captain on board when I finished my steering time issued the certificate on MSF4307. Many others had a simple typed version with the same wording.
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