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    Just wondering if anyone knows which airlines allow extra baggage when you carry your Seaman's Discharge book?


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    Are you flying to join ship? i.e. on a company booked ticket? If so, all should. If it's just you travelling on a ticket you bought yourself I've heard of varying amounts of success.
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      You only get that on marine fares, it doesn't work otherwise. Tried it!

      However, depending on where you are and how impressionable the person at check in, a set of epaulettes and a big smile *can* get you upgraded....
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        Originally posted by GuinnessMan View Post
        However, depending on where you are and how impressionable the person at check in, a set of epaulettes and a big smile *can* get you upgraded....
        I'm not so sure about a 13 hour flight in uniform, despite how incredible I look! But still quite a good idea!


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          Your modesty becomes you Harry.


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            As mentioned, everything is based around the actual ticket and what allowance that gives you. When booked by your company they are 'normally' booked as 'SEMN' tickets which are fully flexible (for the company) and with almost every cruise line offer you a baggage allowance of 40kg or 2 x 23kg. To check this, once you have your details visit and type in your booking reference and surname, and you will be able to review your booking and see the baggage allowances for each sector, this is directly linked to the computer database that the travel agents use called 'Amadeus'. You cannot modify or affect your booking from here, nor can you modify it from the 'Manage my Booking' section of the airlines website as it is 'Agent Controlled'


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              you can book your airplane seat from checkmy trip....and add your frequent Flier card (if held)....#justsaying
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                Comes in handy when they book you on a nightflight from Cape Town, booking your seat in advance with the aid of Still I was not human when I landed in Amsterdam twelve hours later. Should have spent the 60 euros to upgrade to Economy plus or what they call it. Those economy seats are not made for us poor bastards over 190cms. Atleast Im' now 3500 miles closer to lounge access!

                As for the luggage, I never had any problems with it in my previous company, the airline just slapped a heavy sticker on it and sent me on my merry way. Bit more hassle flying from Port Elizabeth on Maersk tickets though. "Sir, you're only entitled to one piece of luggage not in excess of 20kgs" I just flashed my discharge book and a phone call later I got both my bags on the plane.

                But I'm pretty sure it's a maximum of 40 kgs total, divided between two bags where one can not be heavier than 23kgs. Just travel light, remember you have to haul it around as well and up the gangway. I brought to much stuff so I'm revising my luggage plan, no need for 33kgs of stuff along with the handluggage.
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                  As whitefall said Pick your seat via suit guru , Be warned they do lie on seat guru. Picked a Exit isle window seat with extra legroom on a 15 hours flight back from Sao Palo only to realise the roof Curved from my waist height so i had no room for my shoulders. The 6ft 7 English man trying to ask a little french lady next to me if we could swap seats she didnt budge so i endure 15hours of discomfort , however atleast Air France didn't ditch us in the South atlantic this time
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                    Air France - I think the pilots had a refresher course on using the weather radar, so they shouldn't be flying into ice crystals anymore.
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