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    hi there current cadets ,

    quick question , can any body tell me any good stuff about neing a deck cadet with maersk ? all i can find on the ned is negative stuff about them , i understand that if people are not happy they can blog it but where are the happy people ? are the good to work for ? are they organised ? what do they help with ? it just seems impossible to find this information so i just go into the interview but not with the information i would like to know , if there are any maersk people out there can you help ? whats it really like ? i understad there are bad parts but what about the good ?

    and please dont reply saying you should learn the bad as well as it helps , i have and i know what they are , i just want to hear the good stuff and the truth !


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    Well what bad have you heard? What do you actually want to know?

    Im phase 3 engine with Maersk.I Did two trips this summer on box boas. At college they pretty much let you get on with it, and when you join your ship you get a couple emails back and forward to HR people, otherwise if you behave yourself you don't hear from the office.

    When at sea it depends what you sail on/who you sail with which will dictate if you find them good to work for. The crews are multinational. Shore leave depends on your chief/what has to be done. I was lucky, we got off in most ports. Deckys have cargo watches in port so their shore leave chances are more limited than engineers.

    They are a good company to do your cadetship with as they have a variety of types of vessel. I've done two trips on boxboats, next phase I'm pencilled in to do a trip on supply and a trip on a tanker.


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      I'm with Maersk, and I don't find it to bad. Just been on my first trip out, but my experience might differ from how cadets experience it as they have me going as a Junior 3rd. and I'm with the DIS-fleet as well. As for your questions, in my experience.

      1 -
      are the good to work for?
      They are decent enough, always some complaints from crew and in general about various issues. But overall, yep, it's a good company to work for.

      2 -
      are they organised?
      Yeees? Everything has some paperwork attached to it. And you can't really run a company this size without any organisation. I hear they even have their own cadet department.

      3 -
      what do they help with?
      Plane tickets and they usually send a car for you at the airport? Not sure what you're asking for here though.
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