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jobs before cadetship is over

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  • jobs before cadetship is over

    ok so im loving the cadetship before everybody starts the whole "is it really for you?" kinda stuff but im just curious, does anybody ever get good jobs ashore before they even finish there cadetship?

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    Never heard of that happening. Some people do a year or so at sea and then go ashore. But I very much doubt you'd have much luck getting a shore-based job on the basis of an incompleted cadetship.


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      Depends on what you want to do ashore. Flip burgers, be a secretary, etc.....

      If you mean within a shipping company working towards a Supt. of some description then I highly doubt it...
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        At my cadetship graduation ceremony prior to the orals the North of England P&I Club came into the college (STC) and tried to recruit cadets for Claims Advisors (or something like that), and I did attend the interview our of interest but it seemed a bit too dull at the time. Also the possibility to become the ISM Superintendant at my company was suggested, but alas, the sea beckoned.
        Good jobs ashore to exist, and actually having completed a cadetship I know people who have even gone onto none Merchant Navy jobs including one who is now a Heart Surgeon and another who is a Police Officer.