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1st Sea Phase with DOF Offshore!

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  • 1st Sea Phase with DOF Offshore!


    My name is Mike, I'm a Phase 1 Deck Cadet at Fleetwood and I'm going to sea in Febuary with DOF Offshore. Although I havn't been given any specific details yet, it looks like i'm going to be joining a Platform Supply Vessel in the North Sea.

    Have any cadets on here had any experience working offshore? Would be great to get some insight on what to expect and any advice ect!


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    Alright fella - I'm a 2nd engineer on PSV (different company)

    You want in your main bag - 7 t shirts, 2 pairs of joggers/trousers. 7 Jocks, 7 pairs of socks, a hoody, a pair of trainers.

    That will sort you for shipboard wear.

    Toiletry wise - 2 bottles of shower gel, toothpaste, couple of toothbrushes, deodorant, shaving utensils. Chewing gum as well (v.important). I recommend if you are going north Sea to take 2 packs of Sturgeron travel sickness pills as well. These are the best I know of.

    I take my own towel & mug. Also make sure you have stationary. The ships all have it but isn't always best quality.

    Hope ththis helps
    Cheers and ta


    I wear my purple with pride


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      Hiya mate

      Thanks for the swift reply. Don't know what infomation I'll be getting off my company in the next few weeks but will be making a note of that list.

      Have you got any cadets on board? If so, how are they finding it?




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        I know a DOF cadet and he loved his sea phase, says he had a great time.