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Trinity House Cadets starting in January 2012

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  • Trinity House Cadets starting in January 2012

    just accepted an offer from TH as an engineering cadet. I applied to a few companies and regrettably snapped at the first offer as I did not do enough research!!I was wondering if I could still apply for a maintenance grant from the government. ?I live in Wales where it is based on your household income, and I would be eligible for the full amount. I was also wondering if there was anyone else out there starting with TH in January and will be going to the induction ?
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      Hi i am starting in Jan with Trinity House doing HND Deck.

      I will be going to the induction but haven't heard anything about it or when it is.

      Hsve you received anything from Trinity House yet?



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        Hi Snorey,

        I wouldn't regret it at all, TH are by all accounts a really quite good sponsor and TH cadets are, from what I hear, well positioned when it comes to jobs due to the varied experiences you'll have.

        If you'rre on the FD course you shouldn;t have any problems with the grant/loan. HND will probably be a different story.
        Hello! I'm Chris. I'm away a lot so I'm sorry if it takes me a while to reply to messages, but I promise I'll get back to everyone. If it's urgent, please email me directly at [email protected].

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          Nope me neither ! I have just forwarded my medical certificate and I'm expecting a phone call very soon from Holly In regards to the induction .

          Thanks that's good news! I'm finding it difficult to find the UCAS course code Institution etc. to apply for the grant ? Are you aware of any way to get this info or will I be given it by my sponsor ?



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            If you are going to Warsash look under Southampton Solent University on the UCAS website.


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              In addition, when I applied the only code option available was for the January start, (I began in September), so I put the Jan code down. When my application was approved I just rang them up, explained that I actually start in Sept and they just altered it over the phone. I was quite impressed they were so efficient actually.

              Southampton Solent University
              Marine Engineering
              3 year sandwich Foundation Degree

              information required to complete the UCAS application :

              Open for all applications
              institution code name : SOLNT
              institution code : S30
              course code : H500
              start date : 24 September 2012
              campus code : see below for list of campus codes
              short form of course : FdEng/ME
              further details : see notes about this course
              application deadline date: 15 January 2012


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                That's a great help cheers buddy! Did you apply for a grant/loan ?


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                  It also asks me for the name of the university/college, do I put Southampton Solent or Warsash?


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                    I applied for a grant, didn't need a loan, and I can't remember what I put, I think it was Solent as then you will be at the Warsash Campus.

                    Hope that helps!