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Electrical Woes...... Shocking, I know.

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  • Electrical Woes...... Shocking, I know.

    Hi guys, and apologies for the terrible pun in the title.

    I'm just working through my TRB doing the tracing out, and I've hit a bit of a stumbling block with the electrical system, in that the system's so vast, I don't know where to even begin! Do I need to include every switch, breaker and light fitting, or can I just limit to auxiliary engine - generator - distribution board etc? If anyone has any examples they'd mind posting, that'd be great.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Mainly big blocks, so Prime Mover, Alternator, main switchboard, auxiliary switchboards, safety items can (should be mentioned), emergency switchboard, whats fed from where and why, battery scheme (what feeds what etc). Any special features, control equipment (for safety, command and control, synchronizing)

    When you get to Distribution board level, then it should be enough to just state "Lights ER 3rd Deck" etc...if you want then maybe just show one circuit on on DB just to give the idea you know what you are talking about etc.....
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      As Chiefy said. What I did was the block and line thing. Basically, three generators lead to switch board, which was split into three parts, which then went off to EMG Switchboard and then other things on each individual panel and they were happy with that.
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        As above really; if you look at your finished block diagram and think it's a bit simple and lacking detail, it's probably about right. They aren't looking for a reproduction of the ship's wiring schedule.
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