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  • Physical Fitness at Sea

    Hello everyone,

    Please could you give me 10 minutes of your life to fill in a questionnaire for me?

    Knowing how much knowledge and experience is kicking about on here I?m hoping to get some really good responses from you guys because handing out questionnaires on my ships has produced somewhat limited results! (It turns out seafarers don?t like more paperwork to do )
    I?ve just finished my main sea phase and starting my final year studying BSc(hons) Marine Studies: Merchant Shipping down at Plymouth Uni, and as part of my final year I have to do a dissertation.

    My dissertation is titled Facilities for Physical Activity on Board Ships: Necessity not Luxury? I will investigate the facilities for physical activity on board ships and whether changes and recommendations need to be made to improve the quality of life at sea in terms of access to these facilities.

    To fill in the questionnaire follow the link:

    If you have any particular views or stories on this subject that you don?t get across in the questionnaire feel free to post it on this thread or message me. Also, if you have any questions or would like to see the results of the questionnaire once my data collection is complete please feel free to message me.

    Thanks a lot,

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    Done, although it kept telling me my answers would not be saved as I had not updated java/enabled coookies. That disappeared after a moment, and I do have the latest java installed, and cookies enabled. I hope it worked!


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      Not sure why it's doing that but it still seems to work anyway, Thanks a lot!


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        Thanks to everyone who has completed my questionnaire so far! I've had more responses on here in the past few days than in 10 months of seatime Cheers guys


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          Hi, I just completed it for you. Seemed like some very good questions. Good luck.


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            I am yeah! How are you finding the FdSc? Are you 1st or 2nd year?

            Originally posted by turnbats
            Just completed it , are you in paul browns year? Im on the FdSc course at Plymouth


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              Thanks AM, much appreciated!