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Sea time concerns

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  • Sea time concerns

    I'm currently in my 4th Phase , second sea phase (just finished HND) and i have 5 months sea time right now .

    I have about another 8 months of this phase left before I go back to college . My company seems to only do month on/month off trips for their cadets and i'm concerned that ill only manage to get about 8/9 months sea time before going back to College before my Orals .
    I'm just wondering if anyone else has been in this situation and what is the sort of procedure ? Will i go back to college and do the final courses etc THEN go to sea , get 12 months sea time and do orals or what not ?

    Thanks a lot in advance

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    You'll go back to sea after the short courses to get the 12 months.


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      I'm only phase 2 but from what i've heard Jonny is right, after everything else is done and before your orals you make up the sea time then. I also believe it is the companys responsibility to keep on paying you over this period.


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        yeah that's what I expected . Thanks for the answers guys.