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SORN car when at sea?

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  • SORN car when at sea?

    My car insurance/tax will most likely expire when I'm at sea this year. I was just wondering what people here do about this issue (i.e do you declare your car SORN to the DVLA)? As, the way I understand it, to un-SORN the car means re-taxing and re-insuring it which seems pointless as I will most likely only be back in the UK for a few months before joining my 2nd ship :S

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    From what I gather you can keep the Insurance running. I find it best to keep it running so it saves the hassle of paperwork when I return and also if its wrecked by the local youths when parked up. Many (seafarers) choose not to own cars, to rent or play the SORN - UNSORN game. Remember though that to declare your car SORN means it has to be off the public road. Not everyone has space off the road or parents willing to remove the rockery for the car!


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      Yeah so the choices are either to tax it, and have it parked up somewhere or to apply for a sorn and keep it off the raod its worth then keeping it ensured although you could reduce the cover, if you wanted. when you come back then you need a new tax disk and off you go, you then repeat when your heading to sea again. obviously you can get away buying 6months of tax if your going to be cancelling it after 3. its really just one of the many things that you have to deal with as a sailor or else just pay the cost
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        Thanks for the advice guys, I might actaully sell my car before going to sea and buy a new one before I start the next phase in September 2012, might work out cheaper in the long run!