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Whats the deck intake like throughout the colleges?

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  • Whats the deck intake like throughout the colleges?

    Found out today that STC have only taken on 35 new deckies this phase and yet theres 8 classes of engineers?! whats the intake been like in the other colleges? was there a huge recruitment drive for engineers this year?

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    Surely there ain't 8 classes of engineers? I Just started the other day on the HNC course which got split up into 3 groups, I can't see 4 classes worth of FD students?

    Have not had the pleasure of meeting any of the deckies yet so I cannot comment on how many there are!
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      there's quite a few here in Glasgow. 23 in my class. i think around the same number in the PD class. and s bunch more starting on the 12th. noo idea how many engineers.


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        I think that a Deck/Engine split is starting to emerge between different colleges, many colleges seem to be proving an excellence in either Deck or Engine and companies are only adding to this trend.


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          D/C from STC, Phase 1 was kind of okay but Phase 3 was totally messed up. Granted it's a new course but shouldn't it all be ready to train us? They tell us to give them a chance to get everything ready and set up, I can't imagine the MCA Orals Examiner extending the same courtesy!
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            Bloody good point!!