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How was everyones first day?

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  • How was everyones first day?

    How did it go today?
    Any advice for us who start next week?

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    Be very afraid...
    I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.....

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      It was horrible, I can't wait to get this all over and done with.

      I'm kidding, it was good. So far all we have had is introductions to the college and what is expected of us and what is not, common sense malarkey really.

      Also, if CD reads this; Barry is visiting Warsash on Thursday.


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        first day was ok, introduction to college and PD course and sat a maths test. Got my copy of seamans guide to the rule of the road and my parallel rulers and dividers. Bring on our elementary short course tomorrow


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          Haha I'm sneaking around campus doing important phase three type things, including smoking lots and sitting around doing not much with some mammoth gaps between lectures.

          Barry S is a lecturer at Warsash, so he tends to be about quite a bit. Though at some stage his company will be collecting my TRB, Ops and Nav books and I'm hoping it's not too soon because I need to tidy them up a bit!
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            Considering I started on my birthday it was pretty good Although I cant say I was to happy about having a math exam the following day!