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Broadband for phase 3

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  • Broadband for phase 3

    well with the aim of looking for a broad band connection for the 6 months of phase 3 the best ive seen so far is o2 offering monthly rolling contracts which can include a phone line although there are extra costs. Just wondering what other people are opting for?
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    How about a dongle? (...fnarr fnarr )
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      think ETwhat? is after a bigger download limit... and 3g reception can be a bit patchy in south shields
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        Well having now priced a couple of options it seems the broadband will work out at around ?300 which is about the same as each of us haivng a dongle for the time but given that it will proved a much better service it seems the way forward. although dongles are good. what is interesting is that theres almost no difference between 6 months on a rolling contract and canceling a 12 month one.

        yeah paying out for a dongle and getting 2-4 gb a month compared to the same price for unlimited broadband doesnt really compare

        for phase 5 at 16 weeks though it will be either a dongle or tethering the smart phone
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        you can take it with a pinch of salt, but i prefer it with a nip of whisky