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  • Chevron Interview

    Hi folks,

    I've been told to expect a telephone interview with Chevron sometime soon. I was wondering if anyone has had experience with this or know what Chevron are like to work with as a company. What questions do they ask in the phone interview? Are there any unusual/company specific questions that are asked? I've looked on their website and info on the shipping side of things is very scarce. Obviously I'll prepare for the frequently asked interview questions as best I can, just wanted to know if any other bottins out there have went through it.


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    Clyde seem to have changed their minds. It's now going to be a face to face interview somewhere in Clydebank apparently.
    Anyone been to an interview with Chevron in Clydebank?


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      Nope, but I think it's down by the Northern Marine Office. Good luck with the interview!
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        Chevron is one of Northern marine's clients so your to probably going their offices in Clydebank. Was there last month if you need help with directions


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          Ah, that would makee sense. Cheers guys.