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  • Quick Question - PPE

    Hi guys,

    I'm due to fly out at 17:30 today to join my 1st ship in Singapore.

    I'm taking some bits of PPE with me, in the form of:

    Safety boots
    Safety Glasses

    As an engineering cadet, would I need to take the hard hat I was issued at college, or should I be given one on board? I am kinda starting to struggle for space.

    Thanks guys.

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    I was provided with everything i needed when i joined the ship, i did bring some clyde issued overalls and boots but the overalls are the wrong colour and the boots are far to hot so i use the ships work shoes. safety glasses, ear protection, hard hats and gloves they should be able to provide you with on the ship.

    hope that helps and enjoy the trip, there will be hard times but its generally a good experience
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      Great, thanks for that mate.


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        Tis good to know that my pointless hanging around the internet is usefull, killing the last day off on a ship and finishing some report type things
        you can take it with a pinch of salt, but i prefer it with a nip of whisky


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          When I went away I always took my own Boilersuits, safety shoes and Ear Defenders. That way I knew they were comfy and that they actually fitted (boilersuits in the ME region tend to be made to Asian sizes so 5XL would be too small for a 6ft person).

          I never took any safety glasses, never needed them.
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