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How long is a month

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  • How long is a month

    Just wondering how long the MCA class as a month is it 31 days because I will be doing 28 days on/off for the next 9 and a bit months for my second sea phase and if they need 31 day months I will have to get an extra 18 days.
    I will need 18 days to make my 28 days upto a month. I have already did a month in first phase well 28 days.

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    well on the plus side you dont need nine months so you as long as you do 7 short months your fine, as far as i remember a month is 30 days if its being made up.
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      The MCA go by calendar months. If you're at sea for all of February, that counts as one month. If you're at sea for all of July, that's one month.

      Odd days get added up, and 30 days make a month.
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        What Charlie said.