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  • Bushwhacking

    I know you all like answering daft questions, so here's one I made earlier...

    Whilst at sea, how do you keep on top of your mop? Is there usually someone on board who is proficient with a pair of clippers that will do it for a few bob? I?m not looking for a Laurence Llewelyn Bowen (I?m more of a Johnny Unitas man) but I reckon being 4 months at sea without a haircut, I would end up coming back like cousin IT.

    Cheers in advance folks.

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    It depends upon what sort of ship, cruise ships have hairdressers on board for the cargo, so get freindly and you'll be fine (though might cost you a few pints etc depending on level of friendship )

    Cargo, 2 options (well 3 actually)
    1 dont give a crap and let it grow
    2 find out which one of the crew is the hair dresser and for a few bucks / beers they will do a basic short back and slap
    3 NOx all over (personally I favour the NO1 all over but just before pay off NO3 all over (wife thing))
    4 line crossing ceremony will get you a hair cut too
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      Why not just head to boots before you go and buy a pair of clippers


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        Life at sea is a life for me