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  • Rule of the Road iPhone Apps

    Hi people,

    I just passed my mates orals, and have been using this iphone app:

    Made for the military, but really helped me for the rules you should really know verbatim for your orals - 5,6,18 and 19.

    Thought it might help some other people, whatever exam your up for !

    Safe sailing!

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    Opinion on what rules to know verbatim varies. I would say that 9 and 10 you should know. Rules 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 are also important. When I did my orals I was tested on rule 13 in quite a bit of detail.

    I would say it is important to know rules 5-19 word for word and everything else you'll need a working knowledge of. No two oral exams are the same.

    I didn't know about this app, looks much better than the one I've been using, the rules and signals app by Imray. I'll give it a download and have a look

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