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First impressions when you joined your first ship?

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  • First impressions when you joined your first ship?

    How did you feel, was you nervous? Did you find you settled in quickly or did you hate it for the first few months?

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    First impresson...'It's going to be fun overcoming this language barrier...'
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      On my first trip as cadet, I was a baby 18 yr old. Very green and very nervous of pretty much everything haha

      To boldly go.....
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        I was 17, I was cacking it, felt like I'd never ever fit in or gain the amount of knowledge these guys had, its natural, you are totally out of your comfort zone.

        The language barrier is always a tough one - but remember you aren't the 1st cadet to be in that position and you certainly wont be the last.

        You get used to it, even now though I get a bit nervous signing on a ship I've never been on with nobody I know.
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          Yup, 18 (just) and greener than greass......luckily at that time it was all Brits (but accents can be a booger too!)

          Couldnt belive how they "knew" all this stuff and some of the terminology was posatively baffling...and mchine has fallen no it hasnt I would have noticed a pump laying on it's side....I think!!!! Maybe, perhaps

          And the Chief was THE scariest bloke on the shipever ever ever he's just a bloke that gets excitable about really wiered stuff
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