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    Well, I have been wearing contacts now for about 3 months, and I just wanted to share with you all what an amazing difference they make.
    Having perfect vision without the constraints of frames has allowed me to make strides forward when watchkeeping and have changed my working life considerably.
    I'm currently wearing 1 month lenses which do not need to be taken out for sleeping with. If you wear glasses and are a decky...I urge you to give em a go (but it does take a couple of weeks to get comfy with them)!!!

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    I've thought about contacts but my glasses help to hide a bit of a muscle imbalance (squint) and I've actually found I spend most of my time on the bridge with my glasses on top of my head. Good ol' longsightedness, or maybe a sign that I need bifocals. Which is a worrying prospect.
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      I wear the acuview moist dailies, absolutely spot on .


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        Same with me, been wearing them for about 3 months now. They are absolutely amazing and feel great. No more red marks on the bridge of your nose!

        Don't read of if you like the idea of contact lenses... (of course if you tells someone not to push the big red button what are you going to do...)

        Sleeping with them in is a very bad idea. I was told not to sleep with them in, but I was at a friends and forgot to bring the solution and case. Next morning they were very dry and blood vessels had started to grow over my eye (due to the lack of oxygen my eyes were getting). It was pretty scary, I could constantly see a red line. Eventually after I took them out my eyes went back to normal. Also, a friend of mine uses them. Went swimming- was told not to of course. Turns out that what ever is in the pool gets absorbed by the contact lenses... he came out of the pool with yellow contact lenses... funny but disgusting.
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          I believe certain types are designed to be worn whilst sleeping as well. I personally chose dailies as they have the lowest risk of infections and irritation, and less likely to dry out.


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            I use monthlies that need removing nightly and storing in fluid. Worn them for yyyeeeaaaarrrsssssss Occasionaly you need a day or two off and engineers need a pair of glasses for engine room use when on duty night, as there isnt time between the alarm going off and you being in the ECR to put them in. Also remember you need to carry glasses in case of infection, injury of other happening, you only get one pair of eyes and at sea there arent too many opticians
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              Where do you get the 30 day always in lenses from? I'd quite like to get a pair that I could just leave in for the whole month (and sleep in), but I can't seem to find anywhere that sells them.


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                are they ok to wear when you're in a fireteam? they don't melt to your eye or anything like that?
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                  Originally posted by chris View Post
                  are they ok to wear when you're in a fireteam? they don't melt to your eye or anything like that?
                  Not what I wanted to read just before sleeping. Got image of contact lenses melting and sticking to my eyes stuck in my head now.


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                    If you were exposed to enough heat to cause them to melt to your eye in the fire team, then you are either improperly wearing you gear/CABA or in serious trouble